Are Pet Clippers The Same As Humans

- Apr 18, 2020-

Are pet clippers the same as humans?


Human hair is much thicker, harder and more brittle than dog hair. It can be clearly seen under a magnifying glass that human pores are only one hair long, but most dogs grow 3-7 hairs in one pore.

A basic knowledge is that soft hair or fibers are much harder to cut than thicker hair and fibers. For example, if you cut cotton fibers with ordinary scissors, you will find that the cotton thread will be caught between the two pieces of scissors without breaking, but use precision Good scissors, it is easy to cut the hair based on the same principle, not to mention, dog hair is much thicker than human hair, it is much more difficult to trim, so that the sharpness of the electric push scissors is very high Requested.

In addition, the main difference between a pet electric clipper and a human-made electric power clipper is a cutter head and a motor.

The sharpness of the blade is much stronger than that of the hairdressing. The sharpness of the blade is also greater than the sharpness of the blade for human use. It is related to the steel material, heat treatment, and grinding accuracy. The selection of materials, heat treatment, and grinding accuracy of the pet blade, including the strength of the spring It is much higher than human blades. To achieve these precisions, the interest, processing equipment, and processing technology are much higher. Generally, the price of a pet blade is much higher than the price of an ordinary electric shear. ;

Because different dogs have different pruning requirements for different parts, pet electric clippers have a variety of blades with different sizes and functions to use, but human electric clippers only need one blade