Tips For Using Household Electric Clippers

- Apr 18, 2020-

Tips for using household electric clippers

Pet hair is generally dense, thin, soft, and easy to knot. When using electric clippers, it is more difficult and troublesome than human hair, and it takes a long time. So choose a pet electric clipper with a sharp blade for the pet (a plug-in type is recommended). Electric clippers If you use electric clippers at home, you need to be patient and follow the steps below:

1. Before trimming: comb the hair that needs to be trimmed. If it is trimmed all over the body or the part to be trimmed is dirty, it is recommended to wash it first, then dry it before trimming;

2. In the process: You must praise and care for your reward. In order to avoid the dog's nervousness, trim and talk to it and give it encouragement, it will definitely fall in love with this "creation activity" that you have completed together;

3. The correct trimming sequence: the sole of the foot first, then the torso, and then trim the hair on the head and face, let it adapt slowly. If you need to keep a certain length of hair, you can use a comb to fit on the head of the clipper;

4. Selection of cutter head: different cutter heads should be selected for different parts. Fine teeth are suitable for local trimming of the head, lower abdomen, sole and anus, and wide teeth are suitable for the trunk of long-haired dogs, dog-type dogs and cats. Whole body trim shape;

5. Maintenance of household pet electric clippers: After use, please remove the blade head and clean it with a brush, then inject a little professional lubricant between the blades for simple maintenance.